Tips to Not Get Ripped Off in the App Store

App StoreUsers have to be careful when buying on the App Store . We do not know what happens to Apple but the quality standards of the applications are very poor and there is no worse feeling than feeling cheated by an application that promises something nonexistent. X-ray cameras to see the underwear, phone numbers, pagers, breath control detectors, video game adaptations are not what they seem, and so on. Here we give you some tips for  the time when you will  purchase applications.

1. Attentive to the device hardware

The device is essential to know where we will download the application. Not in detail, but if necessary to reach some minimum to be useful . If we knew the hardware of the iPhone and the iPod, Apple never would know that a 3D camera installed on their handsets and less x-ray scanner If the camera is 5 megapixels, no application can increase your quality! It is common sense. The same goes for those that promise to increase the battery life or heat the device like a stove. I remember there was an application for first-generation iPad which promised the ability to take pictures . Worth seeing. Here the specifications of the latest models of the iPhone , the iPod Touch and iPad .

2. Read a detailed description

If we we stopped a minute to read the description of the application and developer information, we would save more than a shock. It’s like the fine print of contracts or conditions of use of many social networks. Descriptions can be obtained much data, such as options allowing the application, if it is compatible with our device or if necessary within the same pay for any property that you took for granted . Developer information can inquire about their other work or if you have a website. Not a good sign if you have a broad overview of its features and functionalities.

3. Beware of applications without pictures of your operation

Curiously enough, but usually, applications that have absolutely nothing to contribute, are generic images or bizarre typefaces . You’ll never see a screenshot of the application running or their characteristics. In addition, menus are often the most cumbersome, therefore, do not want to see them until after the price paid that cost. Something similar happens with the application icon, which also are of bad quality.

4. Compare the views of users

Extreme care must be taken with the views of users, and by that I mean the written opinions and not just the star rating of the application. From the views we can draw a lot of information: the problems that gives the application, if it closes unexpectedly or otherwise, if it really worth it. Are ratings of people before us have purchased. That if we have to differentiate between true opinions and influenced by the creators of them. Often fraudulent application developers often create fake reviews with good views on their work to influence the purchase decision.


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