The Five Most Anticipated Innovations of Next Five Years By IBM

IBM has released its annual list of “The next five in five”, which represents five most anticipated innovation in the next five years.

The Five Most Anticipated Innovation of Next Five Years By IBM

The first forecast is associated with “green” energy according to experts of IBM, in the next five years, electricity to operate the gadgets at home or the whole city will be possible to get out of the process of human life. As a result, can become a source of energy, for example, the movements of man, the water used in the home and other renewable sources.

The next innovation concerns Cyber security  IBM says ,that by 2016 humanity will be able to dispense with passwords for access to various resources. In place of the introduced registration data will come “multifactorial biometrics.” For example, a scan of the human voice can change a passport and fingerprint the password to the  e-mail. According to experts, the scanning of unique human biological data will help in solving the problem of identity theft.

“Mind reading” or link directly to your computer or smartphone with the human brain may become yet another innovation of the most anticipated release of IBM experts.

“Imagine – you only need to think about calling someone, and it will be implemented. Or you can see an object on a computer screen and think about the movement of his left  and it will be moved”  written by experts.

Apart from the obvious pragmatics, the development of these applications will help to solve problems in areas such as psychiatry.

Another innovation is predictable, according to IBM, bridging the digital divide through mobile devices. Mobile solutions provide access to information and services online commerce, electronic government and health care for residents of the “third world” and remote areas.

Finally, the fifth of the most anticipated innovations coming years is associated with the optimization of analytical technologies, as a result of which the person will only receive is relevant and interesting information he needs.

Says IBM “By combining your preferences and calendar of cases, the technology will advance automatically and book tickets for your favorite team or make changes to travel plans, focusing on weather conditions”  .

In last year’s list of “five five” IBM celebrated the mobile device with 3D-projection, improved recycling of heat and power, adaptive transport systems, batteries, rechargeable air, as well as continuous collection of information about the environment.


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