Microsoft:SkyDrive Cloud Service Comes to iPhone,iPad and Windows Phone

Microsoft embraces the cloud number plate on the mobile: The Redmond company has announced the availability of the first edition of ‘ official application dedicated to the SkyDrive service for the iPhone OS and Windows Phone platform , allowing the owners of smartphones based on one of these operating systems that you have a new solution to save your files and synchronize with other devices through the cloud.

Microsoft-SkyDrive Cloud Service Comes to iPhone,iPad and Windows Phone

The app offers iPhone is now able to access your SkyDrive account directly from the display device , being able to navigate their folders, create new ones, upload new files or remove those no longer needed. Through integration with the app for the camera are given the opportunity to take photos or record videos and send them immediately to Microsoft servers, but each file on SkyDrive can be shared with others via email.

The edition dedicated to Windows Phone, however, aims to add another piece to the mosaic weblog Redmond, joining the already high level of integration with SkyDrive services offered by the U.S. company has introduced the latest release of the operating system dedicated to the mobile segment, called Mango 7.5. With the new app you can then directly access files in the cloud, perform the same operations available in the iPhone version, and share documents with friends and family thanks to special tools.

Microsoft, therefore, confirms its interest not only to their own branch, but against the whole mobile industry, emphasizing decision even iOS users to put their tools available to them in a sauce cloud. Both versions of the app dedicated to the official SkyDrive can be downloaded from the store of the two platforms operating in a totally free (also available in Italian) and the release to the App Store in particular is an outpost on the Microsoft device Cupertino: A Glove the challenge in sauce “cloud”, in short, that Apple is forced to collect.

Source: Windows Team Blog
Via The Verge 

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