Jawbone UP: Magic Bracelet that Connects to Smartphone

A healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular in the West, growing number of vegetarians, people are filled with fitness clubs, introduced prohibitions on smoking and alcohol, obesity rises among the most serious to the American nation. Jawbone UP: Magic Bracelet that Connects to Smartphone

This, of course, responsible and market gadgets a long and successful application is running Nike + iPod in company with a built-in pedometer device, there are applications for the calculation of calories consumed in food, special player for jogging. Today we consider the most advanced version of such a thing. Bracelet for a healthy lifestyle Jawbone UP a digital bracelet that connects to smartphone fitness apps. It sounds weird but in fact it is!

The company with its Aliph Jawbone famous brand (if you can, of course, so to speak about is not very known in our company) for its stylish Bluetooth-headsets and speakers for mobile devices. Now, Aliph expands the range of very unusual device.

 A year ago, we tested the alarms are configured on the biorhythms of specific people . Aliph Jawbone, at first glance, did something similar, but in the extended version – but in fact, this bracelet is featured accessory for devaysov from Apple (iPod, iPhone iPad,). Stuffed with electronics, UP will not be able to work autonomously or give commands through a PC or Mac. Only in conjunction with an application for devaysa on iOS.

Will be available with different color variations: red, beige, white, maroon, blue, brown. So far, available only to black.Jawbone UP Magic Bracelet that Connects to Smartphone

In the U.S., Jawbone UP is currently $ 179. In the reader-sony store we can buy it at the moment not much more expensive – for 6,000 rubles. The official sales start next year.


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