New Apple Store with Various Innovations

Apple expected to launch in the next few hours, a new Apple Store in San Francisco by introducing various innovations in order to speed up sales.

New Apple Store with Various Innovations

In the next few hours, Apple will open a new Apple Store in San Francisco at that, but it will be a store different from others already in the world. Bring with it some new features like for example, emerges as the day before, the system known as Ship to Store , internally called EasyTheft , based on a pun ( EasyPay ) that is used in the sales process.

Ship to Store allows consumers to place an order for a product the Apple Store online for later pick up your purchase in the physical store, jumping any queues . Comes a convenient notification on your IOS device, where they had one available, to warn that the product is ready for collection. Customers will have among others the chance to buy cheaper products, bypassing the dealer and choosing your preference, the best features, and from home in comfort.

You book online, you enter the Apple Store, you jump the queue, withdraws the product, you leave and go home. The new system created by Cupertino for new retail store in San Francisco is fast and brings benefits to both the merchant and the buyer. A sales representative will avoid wasting time with a client to show the products in any store and different models available, and someone will end up in the store ready to buy. The buyer, however, will have the advantage of choosing the desired product from the house, jump the queue that usually forms on the inside of an Apple Store, and have what you want in minutes .

Few minutes. Indeed, just 12 : the time to receive the order in digital, check and prepare the product for payment and delivery. 12 minutes to make rapid and delivery processes, as well as the most efficient and pleasant transaction.

Another important feature in the message might be a new application for iPhone OS, which will always work with the aim to accelerate sales . An owner of an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or may, after finding the product you want to buy, photograph it with your device and will appear at this point an option to purchase it directly through the app . A click to pay with a credit card associated with the Apple ID, and a clerk will provide the product immediately.

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