Christmas 2011: MacBook Air at Peak, iPad Slows Down

The feasts of Christmas 2011 is almost upon us and, as for over five years, Apple products are literally steals. The iPhone OS devices continue to keep their balance on the podium between electronic devices sold, but at home in Cupertino, there are surprises like that is unwelcome:The MacBook Air at peak and  iPad 2  slows down.

Christmas 2011- MacBook Air at Peak, iPad Slows Down

The sales data, as well as forecasts for the coming weeks,  With regard to the sector IOS , it is expected that at the end of the holiday season – and also the last fiscal quarter of 2011 – will be sold 28 million iPhones and 13 million iPad , since the latter decreased by 2  million units. The Mac line, however, sold 5000000 to 52000000, with an unexpected demand for the MacBook Air .

To encourage consumers to this technology would present the design, lightness and unmatched versatility, making the MacBook Air is not any computer, a laptop, but the full power while keeping the weight of a netbook.It is also estimated that as many as 28% of all Mac sales can be attributed all ‘ultraleggero, a sign of how well-liked by consumers and how, by inference, it appears increasingly remote possibility that Apple will introduce a model also 15-inch . Not be excluded, then, that it is precisely the MacBook Air that has temporarily obscured the iPad .

The slow downs iPad 2 , in fact, seems to stem from a physiological condition of sale. It is now several months since the tablet was launched on the market and distribution, despite the economic crisis was above all expectations. It is very probable, therefore, that consumers have moved in advance, without waiting for the other end holidays. In addition, the persistent rumors in the spring launch of a 2S iPad or an iPad 3 , may have led users to wait before buying one of the jewels of the most wanted computer lately.


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