iPad3: I Guess Top 10 New Features

From the iPhone ‘s development path, it is easy to see Apple ‘s product strategy: Each release a revolutionary product, then it must be released enhanced products (small change) and then release the next generation of products (great changes, while improving its appearance and function). If, iPad2 is iPad1 and enhanced products, then, iPad3 is the real big change.iPad3- I Guess Top 10 New Features

If iPad3 or October in the first half before release, also can be understood as not improved, but still did not delay any movement to the present, it is likely that a large change in the. IPad2 who has yet shot a friend, a certain hope iPad3 a big change, and those who have bought friends, has spent almost a year’s time soon, and have a fresh period of the. So iPad3 what might have what characteristics? For the domestic and foreign media have done a lot of guess reports, and I guess this combination with reliability level, coupled with observation, re-arranged in excess of the ten most likely innovation.

First, on display

1, Retinal screen

Reliability: 70%

In iPhone4, Apple uses a retinal display, improved screen display quality. iPad2 released on the occasion, the outside world have predicted that Apple will be used in the iPad2 retina display, but the reality is not the case.

Some analysts believe that Apple has not used in the iPad2 retinal display (Retina LCD), mainly because Apple iPad to solve the big screen in the resolution of technical problems that exist. However, until Apple released the iPad 3 when the screen resolution problem should be solved, iPad 3 users will be able to have a better picture experience.

I believe that the large size of the screen will cause the retina costs are soaring, and followed by the image processing technology required to further improve, I think Apple will maintain iPad3 iPad2 same price and therefore will not do this since lower profit thing. In addition, relative to the big screen, the retina of the screen effect is not so obvious, after all, the human eye than the distance from the flat phone so close.

2D and 3D display

Reliability: 30%

3D display technology is now in full swing, Fuji cameras, Sharp cell phones, Nintendo games, 3D technology in play, then iPad3 will use it? I believe that is unlikely, although the 3D technology is indeed a great gimmick, but it is just a gimmick, because the civilian 3D display technology is still too immature, may face the following problems: the need to wear heavy glasses; screen brightness a serious shortage; make players dizzy … these so much emphasis on user experience for Apple the company, it is definitely not allowed.So, unless Apple developed the epoch-making 3D display technology, 2D or otherwise iPad3 must show.

3, Change the display size

Reliability: 50%

Steve Jobs has said in public before, they do not like 7 inches or smaller size, though Jobs is gone this may change, but Joe iPad3 should remain under the auspices of the product should not be other size. Proportion in the show, focusing on multimedia and forward-thinking Apple, the iPad actually uses a 4:3 ratio, which may be defined as read only because of it. If iPad3 deviate from the design center of gravity, will not rule out design a 16:9 ratio screen or to the other. Another point is that now border the iPad is a bit wide … ah … the voice of the user is already high, want to come in three generations will be improved on.

In addition, it is spread on the Internet a transparent screen concept map, everyone’s imagination is good, but now technology seems to allow, and therefore can only stay to the imagination, the latter may have to wait until iPad5-iPad9 to achieve.

4, Integrated Thunderbolt interfaces

Reliability: 20%

Apple has a new MacBookPros in Thunderbolt interface, which makes the power, video and data through a connector for high-speed connection. Which are expected, Apple iPad 3 will also be integrated in the Thunderbolt interface.

I believe that Apple’s products, though some techniques to use each string, but for Mac and other mobile digital devices segment is still very obvious, but Thunderbolt is obviously designed for the Mac, and iPad product not so much the amount of data transfer needs, So this is very tricky.

5, Integrated card reader

10% confidence

Conceived of this feature is the cottage with some buddies and more, Apple does not share this contrary to the spirit of things is certainly not appear to. The reason why 10% confidence, is Apple itself does not rule out future removable storage card, then there will be such an interface, can connect their own memory card, but only through a certain kind of software such as iTunes to transfer ( Apple only allows file transfer).

6, Wireless charging

Reliability: 50%

Whether iPad or iPhone, from Airplay, wireless synchronization, the introduction of wireless capabilities, Apple has been trying to put aside the cable, while the recently introduced iOS5 wireless synchronization has been achieved, so in addition to charging, Apple does not have to re-wire device is almost cable connection, so how to put aside this line will also be Apple as the design, wireless charging technically already achieved, but the charge current is weak, the requirements for the iPad 1A charging current may be a bit difficult it big, so this adding features or not, depending on whether Apple can overcome this difficulty.

7, Bluetooth 4.0

Fly resistance: 99%

There were many foreign media speculation iPhone4S added, “Near Field Communication (NFC)”, it is clear that Apple do not want to take the same path, and Andrews, for example, Andrews support FLASH, he will support HTML5, the Andrews selected NFC, Apple will choose Bluetooth 4.0. This iPhone4S has been verified, it is clear to iPad3 will continue to follow on.

Foreign media: has been since, have passed Apple’s mobile devices will be added in the near-field communication (NFC) features, iPhone 5 said the biggest new feature is the electronic purse. Techradar that, iPad 3 should also be included in this technology, although few users will be paid through the iPad, but many companies can be converted to digital NFC will iPad cash register equipment, other applications of this technology, including ticketing and office access.

8, The HOME key to cancel

Fly resistance: 30%

Update from iOS to 5, more gestures, control characters are added, you can see the key role of physical touch control can be fully realized, so the physical buttons are good at simplifying the design of Apple removed, nor is it impossible. However, in order to maintain consistency of product design, and to avoid some of the touch-screen crash situation, so I think the HOME button or there is the need to leave, but maybe it will change a form.

9, A better stereo speakers

Fly resistance: 40%

For games, music and video terms, iPad’s weakness is music. As the iPad using the built-in speaker, so it’s not ideal audio experience. If the iPad 3 to add better speakers, then it will be even better media playback. Especially in the recent HTC bought MONSTER headphones department, and the opening of the new music API to developers, Apple wanted to give some insights it.

However, the author of the speakers and sound system understanding, and sound quality and volume are directly proportional to the caliber of speakers, if Apple continues to focus on the size and volume, this improvement is unlikely to be achieved, enhancing headset to promote force a vague possibility, but many people do not realize is that Apple’s iPhone , iPad used in professional audio chip has been called, and upgrade the space is not large.

10, Further enhance the camera

Fly resistance: 90%

Updates from iPhone4s view, whether or Apple users are still very concerned about the quality of the little camera, and even I do not like to use DC and love to take pictures with the iPhone, this camera will certainly improve the quality of popular of. No matter how much practical significance, big gimmicks on the line, so it’s camera certainly will support Full HD 1080P video recording.

One more thing

Siri voice recognition

Fly resistance: 99%

Siri voice recognition, once introduced in iPhone4s, which caused a strong reaction, which is the second video recognition, another leap forward in artificial intelligence, is Apple’s trump card to maintain technological leadership. Needless to say, this technology will be the same as Facetime, used in Apple’s other new products, iPad3 certainly no exception.


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