New Year’s Most TouchingTraditions for Lovers What is yours ?

New Year's Tradition for Lovers What is yours ?There is every loving couple have some there own New Year traditions. Sometimes they pass from generation to generation, and sometimes formed spontaneously in a few years. We collected for you the most amusing, touching and simply lovely New Year traditions And let us know, what is the tradition in your couple?

Anastasia (25 years):

We Cyril together for three years. And every New Year we drink champagne only child. We use alcohol on other days, but the new year for us both as children and remained a holiday, so there is nothing of spirits! Since that January 1, we never have a headache, and we spend the first day of the year on the street, playing with snowballs or rolling hills, while the others hung over and eats Olivier.

Tatiana (29 years):

December 31, my friends and go to the bath … about so began the film “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath”. New Year’s Eve, my husband also go to the bath. We think that this is a romantic tradition. Well, to celebrate the New Year clean, nice of course. Here Eldar Ryazanov was right.

Natalia (36years):

New Year’s Eve, my husband and daughter in a car ride around the city from the Christmas Bazaar one another and choose the most beautiful, fluffy and fragrant tree! This tradition for 14 years. I can not even imagine that the New Year without a live Christmas tree.

Vera (29 years):

My husband and I go to the theater on the last day of December. Already eight years. This year we hope to get into the Great. I do not want to spend a holiday just for salads, cleaning and the choice of attire. And then later there will be nothing to remember. And so we have a collection of memories and theatrical items can we collect in a separate folder – from memory.

Sofia (32 years):

In anticipation of the main winter holiday we hang on a wall poster in the form of trees. On it on a string attached photos of our family members, and under each picture, we write the wishes of each other. If you wish with all my heart, all will come true.

Anna (24 years):

Andrei and I have four New Year’s meet together. And we have a good tradition – New Year’s gifts to hide from each other. And then to play “hot-cold.” Want to get your gift – get it!

Natalia (31 years):

My husband and I decorate the Christmas tree two weeks before the New Year. And always do it together. Together, choose New Year’s toys and tinsel. Each year, decorate differently, so it was boring. But with each tree a few toys I save in a separate box, ever, in 20-30 years we trim the tree with all these toys, and it will remind us about all the holidays we spent together.

Victoria (29 years):

My husband and I have long given up alcohol. Therefore, in the New Year’s Eve under a chiming clock, we recruit into the mouth 12 grapes. With the New Year we eat them and make a wish!

Alina (27 years):

We burn with desire leaves, mix the ashes with the New Year with champagne during the battle of chimes and drink, repeating to himself desires. However, so far nothing has come to pass, perhaps because we dream in a big way – ask world peace, to break the jackpot in the lottery or someone to suddenly gave us a separate apartment. But we’re still loved to dream and make a wish under a chiming clock. Tradition is tradition.

Cyrus (35 years):

My husband and I go every year on New Year’s baby representation in the Kremlin. Before we went there with our daughter. But now it has grown, and she became not interested in such entertainment. And our tradition has remained. Tickets always buy with gifts – so nice and then dig into this little box of chocolates, a sense of childhood.

Ala (28 years):

My husband and I every day as a holiday. Therefore, December 31 we go to bed at 11 o’clock at night and wake up in the new year. Very convenient!No cost and hangovers!

Alex (32 years):

New Year with my wife last 10 years meet in tropical countries. I do not see anything nice in the snow and cold, and on the Christmas tree, snow, ice slides with nostalgia, do not feel. We have New Year associated with sun and palm trees.

Egor (26 years):

As the new year will meet or spend it. We are with my girlfriend for a chiming clock having sex.

Alexander (25 years):

My girlfriend write letters to Santa Claus for four consecutive years. We send them to the Great Ustyug and always get a response from the main New Year’s magician. I like the children’s tradition, I think that the story must be believed in any age!


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