Apple iPad 3: Small ,Thin and with HD Display?

There are many rumors about the new iPad 3. Is there a completely new generation of Apple or revised his current device.  In an interview, new form factors, a new display technology and higher resolutions , iPad3 will be thinner than the current generation – Which is to be achieved through a thinner design of the LED display. Is not confirmed, however, that increases the resolution to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. Currently it is at 1024 x 768 pixels. Thus, would quadruple the pixel count the same.

Apple iPad 3-Small ,Thin and with HD Display

Supposedly two iPads early 2012
Various sources also assume that there will be two different models.Internal names are the J1 and J2. In essence, they differ in the display size. While the J1 has size of 9.8 inches, the J2 will have a size of 8 inches. The launch is in the first quarter of 2012 – it is both suppliers as well as business services agreement. In addition, the Apple iPad 3, a new processor, buy the A6. This should be even more powerful and also for future apps, such as graphically complex games, enough to supply power. 

What Experts  says:
Especially when Apple says: As long as it is not officially confirmed, it remains to rumors. Many things, like the new processor and the release date seem relatively safe, but can be changed at the last moment. If Apple changes the resolution, however, remains questionable. Because that would have a lot of popular apps are adapted and drilled. Also there will be a small model is being improbable. The disadvantage of the 10 inch model, although his mobility, an 8-inch tablet is hardly better.


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