20 life Lessons from Steve Jobs

The visionary biography by Walter Isaacson talks about a Steve Jobs personality, but change at the same time. Distant, super-intense, funny, passionate, creative, sometimes unfair, sometimes conciliatory. He Called him the “Michelangelo of the digital era”. Jobs lived a life full of incredible events, Isaacson underscores.
20 life lessons from Steve Jobs, who revolutionized the world of Apple products
Here are some life lessons that Steve Jobs reminds in his book:
1.  Do not expect miracles to happen. Act now
Steve Jobs wanted the young to start a company. More specifically, from 12 years ago, when he idolized Bill Hewlett , founder of HP . Later, he realized he needed various technological equipment and did not have the necessary funds, so Steve Jobs kept postponing the establishment of the company. Until thought to call him the idol or a business meeting.

2.  Build your own reality
The founder of Apple Steve Jobs ,learned early on that when things were going in a direction that he not agree, sitting in his power to change them. Otherwise, would get to indulge in that position. “When you do not like how things work, change them. Otherwise, you will be affected, “ he used to say.

“I wanted to be a father at the time, so I was” , said Steve about his daughter that he conceived in his youth and who abandoned her at the time. Later, he reconciled with her.

3.  Control the things you can do that when
The “Michelangelo of the digital era” was always focused on details and wanted to control everything related to design and manufacture its iGadgeturilor. 
“He wanted to control everything their environment and their products looked like an extension of himself” , says in his book biography.
4.  Make your own mistakes. You can not learn from the mistakes of others
Steve Jobs can be hard and sometimes even nechizbuit. For example, in his youth, proved to be irresponsible and selfish.Later, when he realized that it is mortal, like other people, he acknowledged their mistakes and tried to fix them. 
“I did a lot of things are not proud of, including the fact that I left pregnant girlfriend when I was 23 years old and I was not able to cope with this, “ Jobs said in his book.
5.  Know thyself

6.  leaves open any port
Steve Jobs was a researcher, seeking spiritual enlightenment and purification of the body throughout his life. Although there was a very religious person, he does not deny the existence of superhuman beings with extraordinary powers.
“I think that the many religions are, in fact, different portions left open by the same big house. There are times where I think the house there are times when you do not. It is the great mystery “ , said Jobs.
7.  Do not give back
The founder of the most admired companies in the world was known for his outbursts. In the development of products, things were either wonderful or terrible. 
“It was a light, but equally cruel. A strange combination, indeed, “he said about Chrisann Brennan , his first teenage girlfriend, the mother of his first daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs , now a journalist.
8.  Surround yourself with brilliant people
Although it did not want to admit it, Jobs could not do everything, and put in one plan. Yes, could have a huge impact on every product we launch on every marketing campaign, but both knew that there were people everywhere in the world that he possessed skills that they have.
Partnership or early with Steve Wozniak , Apple co-founder, perfectly illustrates this. Their success proved a fruitful collaboration.
9.  Build your team with the best players
Perhaps too often, companies and their managers trained employees looking average, which was to instruct them on.Steve Jobs admits visionary talents but at first sight and it was believed that any conflict could arise in a company with highly trained employees, specialiasti in their field, can be solved.
“For many things in life, the perfect distance between the environment and is approximately 30%. What I have seen the Woz was a person of fifty times better than a regular engineer. He could have meetings in his mind. Mac team was an attempt to build a first-team level. Generally, people that refuse to work ‘genu with others, they like to do everything on their own. I realized, however, that the first level players are excited to work with other top level players, “ said Jobs.
“Over the years I learned that when people have extremely good at what they do, should not I bibilesti. Simply waiting for you from them to do wonderful things, they are determined to do it “ , consider Steve.
10.   Be yourself
11.   Be convincing
12.   Show them the other way you should go
13.   Do you trust your own instincts
14.   Take your risks
15.   Set your goals high only
16.   Do not avoid difficult decisions, face them
17.   The presentation can often make the difference. Packaging counts
18.   Find a way to balance your work intensity
19.   Live the moment, not thinking about past and future do not dream too much
20.   Share your intelligence with other people
Steve Jobs was not just a philanthropist. He was passionate about his products, but especially the idea of success.When he got sick with cancer, former CEO of Apple began to share ideas with others, including the technology community.
“I will continue to do that with Mark Zuckerberg. So I want to spend my last days of life. Can help the next generation reminding them that any suis has and down, but that large companies should continue the tradition.Companies in Silicon Valley have shown very supportive. I have to give something back “ , said Jobs.
“Michelangelo of the digital era” lost fight on October 5 worst enemy , which could not overcome its technological weapons: pancreatic cancer. Father of  Apple had dropped 56 years by leading the company in August.


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