“Pancreatic Cancer” A Silent Killer

Pancreatic Cancer A Silent KillerThe fourth most common cause of  death due to cancer  is  “Pancreatic cancer”  not only in  United States but all over the world but it is very sad that it  often has a poor prognosis and the symptoms for diagnosis depend on the location . Most of the time   the patient of pancreatic cancer  does not have any  symptoms and  later the  symptoms are usually nonspecific  so it is also known as “silent killer”.

After  “Patrick Swayze” one of   favorite romantic hero, from all time hit “Ghost” who had died due to “pancreatic cancer”  now  The  co-founder of Apple  Steve Jobs, also passed away  due to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. He was suffering from  “pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer” it is a rare form of pancreatic cancer , which produces islet cell  tumors.This form is  less aggressive than pancreatic exocrine cancer and patients can live a long life.

There are no  guidelines for preventing pancreatic cancer, but some reports tells  smoking is responsible for 20 to 30% of pancreatic cancers.
If a  patients have  pancreatic cancer  his  family must has pancreatic cancer in  history but scientists  can  not identify it from genes.The pancreatic cancer  patients   experience  a lot of pain and weight loss.Treatment depends how early the  pancreatic cancer  is found.


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