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5 ways to test yourself for cancer

How to notice the signs of the disease and test yourself for cancer with the help of mirrors and scales. Oncological diseases (after cardiovascular) – the¬†second¬†Crayfish.¬†Key facts¬†of the leading causes of death in the world.¬†Many cases of cancer are well treated if you notice them in the early stages.¬†For this you need not so much. […]

Ten Types of Radiation we Receive Daily – Part 1

Radioactivity is the term used to describe the disintegration of atoms. The atom may be characterized by the number of protons in the nucleus. Some natural elements are unstable, therefore, their nuclei disintegrate or decompose, releasing energy in form of radiation.

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Human Tears Will Help to Diagnose Cancer at Early Stage

The doctors are going to create a test similar to home pregnancy test, except that collect on the paper will tear that will help to diagnose cancer at early stage. Scientists have undertaken to determine whether human tears be useful for early diagnosis of prostate cancer and breast cancer, as well as to confirm the […]

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Cancer-Mantis Suggested an Idea for a New Type of Armor

Limbs tropical cancer, which he divides the shells of mollusks, can withstand tremendous loads.¬†The leadership of the U.S. Air Force hopes that their study will create a new type of armor. Crustacean of the order stomatopods prompted scientists to the idea of ??a new armor, light and high strength.¬†The results of studying the microstructure of […]

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Scientists Confirmed the Activity of Aspirin Against Cancer

Daily aspirin in small doses reduces the risk of death from cancer, as well as the risk of metastasis Obtained new evidence that aspirin reduces the risk of cancer. Studies have confirmed the antitumor activity of aspirin, had a team from Oxford University. The researchers analyzed the results of more than fifty studies on the […]

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Pancreatic Cancer: A New Drug – A Ray of Hope

Malignant tumors of the pancreas are extremely aggressive and difficult to treat, even with modern means.¬†A new anti-cancer drug has shown good results in preliminary tests. Update protocol chemotherapy of malignant neoplasms of the pancreas MRK003 new experimental drug has shown good results in laboratory and clinical studies. The combination is usually used in such […]

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Angelina Jolie in Terrible Depression Due to “Suspected” Cancer

Angelina Jolie is in a terrible depression.¬†It hurts fear of contracting the same type of cancer, from which in 2007 her mother died, Bertrand.¬†Although the actress at times concerned about pain in the abdomen, weakness and loss of appetite, the reasons for such fears, probably not.¬†The fact that recently the magazine OK!¬†made a statement that […]

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Dolphin Tale And The Lion King Rocked on Box Office

Parents like to ¬†take ¬†their¬†children¬†to¬†cinemas¬†for family films. Disney’s rerelease of this month are¬†Lion King, ¬†Dolphin Tale¬†and the Christian drama¬†Courageous . These movies beat big budget flicks¬†like Brad Pitt,s Money ball

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