Dolphin Tale And The Lion King Rocked on Box Office

Dolphin TaleParents like to  take  their children to cinemas for family films. Disney’s rerelease of this month are Lion King,  Dolphin Tale and the Christian drama Courageous . These movies beat big budget flicks like Brad Pitt,s Money ball  , the cancer buddy comedy 50/50, that had received some good diagnosis from critics Dream House;And What’s Your Number?, with Anna Faris .But only The Warner Bros kiddie flick Dolphin Tale which had raked in an estimated $14.2 million in receipts, according to early Sunday estimates, reach on first place status and it  kept Brad  Pitt’s Moneyball on second place .Of course! All the kiddies ‘took their parents’ to see Dolphin Tale. Only baseball lovers would go and see Brad’s movie,but we  Loved both movies!


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