Scientists Confirmed the Activity of Aspirin Against Cancer

Aspirin leads to blindnessDaily aspirin in small doses reduces the risk of death from cancer, as well as the risk of metastasis
Obtained new evidence that aspirin reduces the risk of cancer.
Studies have confirmed the antitumor activity of aspirin, had a team from Oxford University.
The researchers analyzed the results of more than fifty studies on the study of the relation of daily aspirin use with risk of heart attack and stroke.
It was found that regular use of low-dose aspirin over five years reduces the risk of death from cancer of 37%. I took aspirin within three years the incidence of cancer has decreased by a quarter.
In addition, patients with cancer, treated with small daily doses, the risk of metastases decreased by 36% and for colon cancer and rectal cancer decline was 74%.
How to specify the authors of studies to reduce the risk of death from cancer was detected only in patients with malignant tumors and does not apply to patients with cancer of the hematopoietic system.


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