Microsoft Office Will Soon Run on iPad

Microsoft Office Will Soon Run on iPad Not only  providing services to the enterprise, but also the Office suite will be involved in the process of colonization of the license plate devices IOS MicrosoftAccording to the newspaper The Daily, in fact, the group in Redmond is working on a version of its office applications dedicated to the tablet of Cupertino .

iPad, moreover, represents over 80% of the tablet. A market, this is increasingly linked to productivity, an area in which Microsoft has long imposed its own verb, thanks to the Office suite.
The deal between the two parties is therefore the natural evolution of a process that will allow the company to Redmond to compete directly with Apple, which has previously released their own solution for the office of the appropriate version of iWork with iPad .

And it is that Microsoft could be inspired to iWork for the landing of Office App Store, releasing the individual applications cost about 10 dollars each , allowing users to install only the tools deemed necessary without having to purchase compulsorily the entire suite . Almost certain, then the integration with several online services giant’s Redmond, such as Office 365, permitting the use of tools in sauce cloud on devices other than those currently compatible.

Microsoft‘s interest against the bitten apple does not stop here, but could also involve a short segment of the Mac team led by Steve Ballmer could in fact issued in 2012 an update of the same office suite dedicated to OS X Lion, thus integrating all the features introduced by Apple in the latest edition of its operating system.


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