Apple Released the iOS 5.1 With a “Mysterious Reference”

The Apple gave developers a preview of the next key after upgrade iOS 5, with iOS 5.1 beta and Xcode 4.3. This upgrade improves the functioning of dictation, but continues to refer only to the iPhone 4S. So far from what have become known since the beta, the changes are mainly the programmatic piece, so we will not see a reasonably new feature, only smoother. Now regarding the Xcode 4.3, the only one that is known is that has been developed keeping in mind the iOS 5.1

Apple Released the iOS 5.1 With a Mysterious Reference

The new edition also observed in the Code, an “odd” reference to a “iPad 2.4“, which previously had not re-reported within the previous versions. Since the current tablets are reported by up to 2.1 and 2.3, the new version is likely to refer to support a new provider, or perhaps a model that supports 3G, both EVDO, and HSPA. If and when we released iPad 2,4 is not certain. Of course we must be mindful of the rumors which make reference to display or an iPad Mini or iPad 3, early next year, so maybe it would be unusual for Apple to release a model even earlier. Finally, Apple is rumored to be passed and that the LTE 4G in 2012, which could do with a brand new chip-set.

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