The Premier League on Apple TV?

The Premier League on Apple TV

Apple would be ready to jump into the world of sports . It could do so in style, getting the rights to stream to one of the football leagues of the world’s most important Premier League . The agreement could take a short in the United Kingdom, but it seems that Cupertino is determined to forge agreements around the sports world.

The rumor comes from the Daily Mail , which explains how the next season’s Premier League could be offered in iTunes streaming and become the towing of Apple TV  and the renewed economic handyman console for the living room-style home in Apple.

Acquisition of the rights at auction, however, could be anything but simple.The football market is complicated by its very nature, being the most popular sport in Europe, and competitors of Cupertino would be more than aggressive.In addition to the English version of SKY, Rupert Murdoch  who has earned almost exclusive television with just under two million pounds, other operators would be interested in the potential of the Net ESPN , the sports network par excellence, Al Jazeera , BBC and Google may be the fiercest competitors.

It was not until a few months to see if Apple will succeed in its intent, perhaps even encouraged by the supposed launch of  iTV , the television media to Apple, which could offer themed content. It is not known whether such a proposal will be advanced for the other football league, but certainly for the boot to the trading of rights is much more tricky, in furious quarrels between broadcasters and pacification of poor policy interventions.


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