Apple: The Voice of Siri Also Has a Face

Apple-The Voice of Siri Also Has a FaceWho is behind the UK entry of Siri? Check an interesting curiosity of the Syrians , the assistant voice of ‘ iPhone 4S : It has been revealed by Jon Briggs , a former journalist specializing in technology and today the British voice actor home run. Coincidentally, Briggs has discovered that the voice of Daniel is behind Siri ..and Despite Apple’s attempts to convince him not to reveal his identity, but instead come forward with an interview on the Telegraph .

Not particularly bitter, because it professes a great lover of products bitten apple , the UK explained how things really went:
I made a series of recordings with Scansoft five or six years ago, for services similar to those offered by the Syrians. It was a particular job, because I had read in a flat and uniform. When we finished, they took all the phonetics and are gone.

ScanSoft has since merged with Nuance , the company that today is working with Apple for the Syrians . Briggs, who lends his voice to other services, such as satellite navigation Garmin and TomTom, said that the U.S. giant has ordered not to reveal his identity.

However, since the contract was signed with Scansoft and not with Apple, the sympathetic voice actor today revealed one of the background of the most curious and interesting which led to the birth of the Syrians. But no hard feelings. After all was at the time  paid for the work done by ScanSoft and is happy to be able to listen to his beloved iPhone.

Source: Telegraph


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