Google With New Home Page Design Soon!

Google With New Home Page Design SoonThe world’s largest Internet search engine Google in the near future will change the design of its home page – these changes will be most severe in the history of the portal.

Once the users will offer an updated homepage on it will no longer be a black band at the top with a variety of menu items.

Instead, on the Google homepage black will be your company logo, which when clicked with the mouse to open links to seven different search services  with the ability to gain access to another eight services.

Now a new type of Google’s homepage is now available a small number of users.


“Constant review and improvement – it’s part of our philosophy – said in connection with the official representative of the corporation. – If we compare the first page of Google with current version, you’ll see that the periodic change is clearly beneficial.”

According to experts, the new design is intended to promote different services Google, but leave the main page basically free from the various menus and options.

“They’re trying to decide how to provide various services to Google, but it does not clutter the home page – says an analyst with Davies Murphy Group, Chris Green. – Google has always tried to remain faithful to the simple, minimalist design home page – it is always they had a “.

“And yet these menus make their page look like Chrome the operating system for netbooks – the expert continues. – So, when you use the site Shromebook and Google, the interface will be the same.”

Two clicks and advertising

After changing the design of the home page users will also be a bit harder to gain access to various services, such as searching for news and pictures. The only thing you will need to double “click” the mouse, while the current page only one click.

But such a change might be beneficial for Google in terms of profits, experts say.

“We have for years touted the benefits of reducing the number of clicks, and it looks like a step back. But in terms of clarity of the interface does not prevent additional click – said Green. – Also, now for most users, the main route into the universe of Google will again lie in the search panel and it helps to show ads to more people. “

“After a search, they can advertise, and in the news section, for example, there is no advertising” – concludes a computer expert.

Meanwhile, a Google address questions about the sound of how search results are displayed in its own services.

Last week two U.S. senators called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether the portal does not use its dominant position in the market searching for self-and anti-competitive.

According to the British business daily Financial Times, The European Commission also examines allegations that Google is allegedly “lowers the position of some sites of competitors in search results, while enhancing the status of their own services.”

Google, however, denies knowingly presents its competitors in a less favorable light.


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