“The Royal Wedding” Became “The Royal Search” of the Google

Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s April nuptials attracted the fastest rising range of Google searches in Britain last year.

The Royal Wedding Became The Royal Search of the Google

Royal wedding” beat “iPhone 5” within the web giant’s annual survey of the foremost inquired concerning new terms.

The Duchess of Cambridge was conjointly one in all the foremost Googled celebrities however finished behind Adele, whose album twenty one dominated this year’s pop charts. The singer was second in a very class for the fastest-rising individuals behind Ryan Dunn, 34, the star of the US show Jackass, who died in a very automobile crash.

Other terms to indicate a pointy increase in interest included the pc game Fifa twelve and Groupon.

The discount firm, the royal wedding and Adele were named a part of Google’s Zeitgeist for 2011 – an accolade to indicate what has been participating the minds of the UK’s web users. Facebook was overall the foremost searched term. The results excluded queries associated with pornography or different adult material.

Google said it demonstrated how users turned to the search engine to

satisfy their appetite for celebrity footage and salacious gossip.

But it showed that folks conjointly use it to be told concerning loftier matters like the choice vote system.

In a list of “What Is?” queries, AV – the topic of a referendum this year – came 1st, beating burning queries like “What is scampi?”, “What are truffles?” and “What are piles?”. the highest “How to?” inquiry was revise – prior to snog, wallpaper and sleep.

Cyber hits: The fastest rising searches

1. Royal wedding

2. iPhone 5

3. Fifa 12

4. Groupon

5. iPad 2



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