Android Training for Developers from Google

Google wants to raise the bar in the average quality of the applications available in the Android Market and it points us forward on a process of awareness of issues of utmost importance to programmers in the creation of software. Google planned Android Training which is a project whose goal is to represent the new point of reference to the programming environment for the platform of Mountain View.

Android Training for Developers from Google

Currently equipped with a small number of lessons, “Android Training” in short, wants to present itself to programmers around the world to provide their support during the development phase.  It focuses on various topics such as leading the improvement of GUI interfaces and menu navigation, optimization of energy consumption for not burdening on battery life, the management of streaming media, and several others.

Each topic includes a series of lessons that guide the programmer from basic concepts to examples also quite rich, accompanied by its source code so as effectively as possible to understand a particular feature can be implemented, or how to improve your code. All for free, while sitting at your desk, navigating through the pages of the official website of  “Android Training”.

As promised by Google The list of lessons available and will be updated in the coming months with new themes ready to peep out to help less experienced developers and offer to those whose knowledge is however already be sufficiently large to improve specific aspects their applications. Over time, new applications will also be introduced to provide a sample demonstration of the real potential of the operating platform of the green robot.

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