Thirty years of 1984, One of the Best Ads in the History of Apple

apple-19841984 Apple was one of the original ads in the history of advertising, besides being one of the best in the company. Directed by Ridley Scott, 1984 expressed the innovative and groundbreaking ideas that today Apple still thrives.

With the thirtieth anniversary of Macintosh so close today precisely marks the 30th anniversary of the publication of one of the most memorable ads of the company: 1984 Apple was directed by a young Ridley Scott , author of Alien or Prometheus for example, and is considered today as a masterpiece precursor of many other ads and even several movies.

As we see, the reason we no longer listing is new, of course, but in 1984 was a brainchild highly acclaimed by the public which resulted in a profound success. 1984 Apple was first issued, contrary to what In 2004, Apple introduced an amended his heroine carrying version iPodthink, in a channel of Twin Falls , Idaho, in December 1983, later to be officially unveiled during the SuperBowl, once, in 1984.

For its originality and impact many fans are discussing if this listing or others such as the famous ” Think different “from Apple are among the best in the company. Particularly, it specificallyembodies the groundbreaking spirit with which the company has been breaking barriers in the digital world, innovating instead of copying unlike other large companies. By itself, the classic style and eighties and dystopian , referring to the legendary work of G. Orwell and Big Brother , I think 1984 Apple is one of the best ads you have seen and ever will see.

Precisely in 2004, Steve Jobs unveiled in San Francisco from 1984 modified version of Apple, where the heroine appeared listening to an iPod, as we see above. A curious modification which only this commercial even more curious mythical. Over time, Apple has been more a more elegant, minimalist and abstract aesthetic, as we see, for example, with the announcement of iPhone 5s or the lastChristmas . Still, we can still find in some collections made ??by the fans, the spirit and nostalgic rebelinvading the early years of Apple. 1984 Apple Left this as a good example.


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