A Software Update Solves the Connectivity Problems of New iPad

A Software Update Solves the Connectivity Problems of New iPad

One expert said the problems of Wi-Fi  in new iPad could be due to a software failure. To solve these problems would only be necessary to upgrade the new configuration by resetting the iPhone to factory defaults. 

Since its launch, the new iPad has not stopped receiving both praise and criticism, one of the last points to the problems of Wi-Fi has the new iPad. According to an expert, problems can be solved with an update software. 

Thus, according to Aaron Vronko, CEO of Rapid Repair, the problems of Wi-Fi for those who have complained about some of the owners of a new iPad , should be “probably the software or compatibility between software and hardware.

Moreover, according to Aaron Vronko, “if this was due to a hardware problem, it should be an assembly error or a processor failure,”

which ruled out because the users have said that the new iPad will not connect never to a Wi-Fi, but ensuring that the signal is weak, the download speeds are slow or are not able to maintain the connection. 

It is recalled that the first complaints about the connectivity of the new iPad started appearing a few hours after the presentation of the tablet. A time to ensure that the connection problems new iPad can be solved with a software update, Aaron Vronko also relied on advice from Apple. Last week, an Apple support representative said, the U.S. edition of Computerworld that problems Wi-Fi can be resolved by resetting the configuration of the new iPad to factory defaults.

The fact that if reset the network settings can solve the problem is a symptom of that failure may be due to the energy saving function not working properly. 


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