Why New iPad Losing its Attraction?

New iPadNew iPad since launch has sparked a new wave in technology bubble, but it seems that this wave is gradually cooled.Together we dissect the causes of this phenomenon!

1:Range of issues

New iPad Also Failed to Solve Overheating Problem

In addition to temperature problems, users of Apple iPad is a new generation “call heaven” as a series of new problems such as slow charging, lack of Siri, no ports, had trouble getting the Wi- fi …
In particular, the design of New iPad does not have many breakthroughs, the size is 9.7 inch screen, while other competitors have provided 10.1 inch product.

2:A third of the pot of money paddy

Why New iPad Losing its Attraction? 1

new iPad starts at 499 USD for a Wi-Fi, 16GB of memory and customers must pay up to 829 USD if you want to own version of memory 64GB 4G connectivity. Add to that bill 4G connectivity customers have to pay each month.
Meanwhile, Apple‘s competitors launched a series of tablets with many smart features with very affordable prices .

3:The departure of Steve JobsSteve Jobs Has Gone Forever -1

There’s no denying the ability to steer Tim Cook but perhaps the departure of Steve Job has less impact on the attraction of New iPad. The creativity and passion of “sorcerer” is tied to the success of Apple.

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