Apple is Investigating Problems with Wi-Fi in the New iPad

Apple is Investigating Problems with Wi-Fi

Apple has launched an investigation into the problems that arise from the owners of the new third-generation iPad. Since the start of sales of Tablet PC users have reported that the iPad does not work with wireless networks: communication gaps, low speed on incoming and outgoing channels, as well as the inability to “see” Wi-Fi network in the search.

Apple refused to comment to the last problem, but when the online company’s site in the subject, devoted to problems with Wi-Fi in the new iPad, the answer left no more than 700 disgruntled customers had to respond. In particular, the tablet may show a weak signal in cases where all the other gadgets showing the maximum number of divisions. It is also noted that the iPad first and second generations in the same conditions to work properly.

The issue was discussed in the press over the past two weeks, Apple has so far refused to comment, but in the inner workings of leadership has acknowledged the failure, and listed the main symptoms: intermittent connection, slow connection, and the refusal to “see” the wireless network. The manufacturer has sent specialist shops directive, according to which the complaint is received, they should check that the failures are not associated with installed, and exchanged for a new iPad. All plates were taken on the return sent to the manufacturer for examination.

It is noted that the problem affected only the plates with a single third-generation wireless module Wi-Fi, while the version of Wi-Fi +4 G operates smoothly. Presumably this is due to the fact that its antenna is under the rubber layer at the top of the case. In addition to the Tablet PC on a survey sent to all the complete accessories. Similar problems were observed in the first few batches iPad first generation, they decided to release an updated software.Official comments Apple may follow after the examination.


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