Scientists have Created an Artificial Brain That can Take IQ Tests

Artificial-BrainCanadian researchers from the University of Waterloo announced the creation of the most realistic model of the human brain. SPAUN (Semantic Pointer Architecture Unified Network) based on a supercomputer, which simulates 2.5 million neurons. For comparison, in the human brain there are about 100 billion neurons which are much higher than artificial brain.

Canadian invention is equipped with a camera with a resolution of 28×28 pixels, which is a “conduit” of information in the digital brain. SPAUN is also equipped with a robotic arm, which records the results of data processing on also has   eyes that can see and move your hand.

A key feature of SPAUN is in the process of operation. It does not work like a computer, but as a real human brain. The system simulates the interaction of the various parts of the brain when processing about information.

According to developers, 

The unit is not just doing what you told, it also  “thinks” about is it necessary to solve the problem. 

The invention is able to remember, learn and write on paper, the numbers and letters that even allows it to pass simple IQ-tests. Artificial brain, like a human, can not hold large number of digits in the  memory , so the task  sometimes mistaken.

In the future, the scientists want to improve SPAUN, so it could learn independently, based on its own experience and knowledge and may help in the understanding of neurological disorders and diseases, and to improve the “artificial intelligence.”


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