At Last, Scientists Identify Gene of Intelligence

How Social Network of the Neurons in Brain FormedThere is no doubt that genetics plays a role in human intelligence, but so far investigations have not been able to determine how many and which genes have a significant effect on IQ.

The change comes with the biggest ever survey on the effect of genes on human intelligence conducted by 200 researchers at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles).

 Based on functional magnetic resonance imaging and genetic analysis of a sample of 20,000 volunteers, the survey failed to identify a gene that indicates far greater measurable contribution to human IQ.

The gene called HMGA2 and the effect is estimated at 1.29 degrees. Making certain modifications in this gene, the researchers could increase IQ by 1.29 points and the total volume of the brain at 0.58% (or 9 cubic centimeters of brain tissue).

The researchers admit that the contribution of the gene is not so impressive. However, the fact that we are dealing with the biggest impact so far and only one gene in IQ is in itself remarkable.

Via: New Scientist 

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