Samsung Youm is the Name for Flexible AMOLED Displays

Samsung Youm -  flexible AMOLED displays

The flexible display technology based on AMOLED has a name: Samsung Youm . So decided to baptise the Korean company to what will be one of its star technology in the medium term.

The leader in this technology has made the name official , after having recorded in mid-March with logo included . Interestingly provides detailed information on the same page for Samsung Mobile Display , the current panel production company, before the change .

Samsung Youm -1

Behind Youm, is the promise of devices thinner, flexible and resilient . The main difference with existing panels as it is presented in fewer layers to build, by changing the upper glass or simile, by a special plastic which allows the flexibility and high resolution.


Samsung Mobile Display other names recorded on screens, such as WAMOLED , FAMOLED ,PAMOLED , TAMOLED , besides the mentioned Youm. Samsung start Youm produce panels in the second half of the year .


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