Samsung Offers an Antivirus with its Android Mobile Phones

Samsung Offers an Antivirus with its Android Mobile Phones

This is information that will definitely make Apple fans rejoice, iPhone and iOS, which will find one of their favorite arguments.
Samsung now offers to buyers of one of its Android mobile version to recover a 90-day trial of Norton anti-virus Mobile Security.

The software was developed to protect mobile malicious attacks and data theft . Here is the list of its functions:
Anti-malware: like a computer virus, it will scan all files arriving on the mobile to detect and block malicious code

  • Scan to SD, for the same purpose
  • Automatic updates of virus definitions
  • Remote location of the mobile
  • block access to a mobile password
  • erasing the device remotely if stolen.
  • The last three functions are identical to those offered by Apple iOS via MobileMe or icloud.

The license will be charged $ 19.90 per year. Note that the data theft in particular are much more common in Android, simply because the inspections before the update software does not have much to do with those applied Apple. These are sometimes very fussy (see annoying) but they avoid most of the problems encountered elsewhere.

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