Samsung will Launch its own Social Network – Perry Denies


Samsung is going to become a competitor Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and its own by running at least a functional social network. This was reported by a member of the Korean manufacturer.

In an interview with the Korean newspaper The Korea Times Samsung unnamed representative said that the company will introduce its own social project by early next year, and its features will be initially integrated into the mobile devices of this brand – Tablet PCs and communicators.

Currently a new draft of Koreans is very provocative working title – Samsung Facebook.So far, we know that it will be to combine all the current social development of Samsung – application for messaging ChatOn (available on Windows Phone, Google Android, Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry OS) and the Family Story, cloud service sharing applications.Samsung wants to create cross-platform application that can enable users to communicate with each other and share a variety of media content.

It is noteworthy that Samsung wants to integrate its social network in a variety of types of devices – tablets, smart phones, televisions and even the players Blu-ray. Surely in this list will be added webcams, media players and other modern electronics from different manufacturers.

Employee Samsung also announced the availability in the future of social networks yet unnamed cloud services, in some way related to the project of the Internet company Amazon. By year end, Samsung will introduce a new, improved version of the service Family Story, which will be offered to all owners of units of this brand for free.

Samsung, apparently confident in the success of his new project, that’s why she just targeting the Facebook, trying to “slightly” to move it on the market of social networking.By the way, Apple, Samsung’s main enemy in mobile gadgets, enters a completely different way: instead of enmity with Facebook it is possible to actively integrate the world’s largest social network in their hardware and software products. Perhaps Apple policy would be more correct, since the network seems to be a promising Google + for the year of its existence and could not interfere with any Facebook in growth and market penetration.


Naturally released only as a rumor but like to do, had a special interest. The reason for the information that Samsung etoimazediki platform social media. indeed report that the network that integrates the services of the Amazon cloud and that the stirizotani Family Story of Samsung, through which they were and sharing photos and notes. Indeed The codename was supposed to give the new service was Samsung Facebook.

Immediately, however, the rumors became known, the Korean giant rushed to falsify. Nor would make sense for it to do so as the one to rival Facebook is, for now at least, highly unlikely!


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