Samsung and Qualcomm Together on the Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

For several years the electronics manufacturers are trying to find a reliable way to recharge their product without having to connect their call. This obsession has so far not been a huge success even though there are a few shells for the iPhone refills induction.

Samsung and Qualcomm have agreed to work together to create a standard but also improve the techniques currently used for this type of charging. The alliance already has a name,  for A4WP Alliance for Wireless Power and it is very ambitious targets because work not only for recharging electronic devices but also to that of electric cars is another challenge given the power to pass in a short time in the batteries.

The potential market would of course be huge for a reliable technology, safe, and that would not have too much energy loss. According to research this market will mature in 2015 where he could sell 100 million rechargeable wireless devices. The result will certainly be easy to achieve given that Samsung plans to offer a kit compatible with the Galaxy SIII and will probably the same with his successors unless by then the charging system is included inside.


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