Ranking With the Most Downloaded iPhone OS Applications of all Time

Most Popular Applications of iPhone and iPad in 2011On 3 March, the App Store surpassed 25,000 million downloads when Fu Chunli bought the game Where is my water? and was the winner of the $ 10,000 gift card that Apple had promised who would allow to reach this significant figure. Now the company has posted a listing on its app store with the payment and free apps for iPhone and iPad Most downloaded in its history .

As usual, the ranking of the U.S. App Store differs slightly from that of the Spanish store, where WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook have achieved the first position between pay and free apps for iPhone respectively, being Pages and Skype the lucky ones in the case of iPad. In the second and third position of the iPhone, Angry Birds (in the U.S. ranked first) and Trivial Pursuit as payment apps and Viber and Skype in the free. While GoodReader , Numbers , the free version of Angry Birds HD and El Pais , occupy these positions in the lists of free and paid apps in the iPhone. I leave you with some fun facts …

8 ranking of payment apps for iPhone are games. In the U.S. the figure rises to 17.
No application of the top-selling Apple iPhone, although there are two among the free.
Google has an app in the list of most downloaded free apps, specifically its translator. In the U.S. Apple and Google has no up to two.
Only 4 ranking apps free iPhone apps are games compared to 10 U.S. In contrast, in Spain the most popular category with 8 apps are social networks.
Turning to the iPhone, there are 11 pay games (13 in the U.S.) and 3 free (6 in U.S.)
In both Spain and U.S. Apple has four applications between the best-selling iPhone and none in the ranking of free apps.
There are 5 payment for iPhone apps of the category Productivity and 2 of Economics and Business.
Please see the full list in the App Store . With a little luck you may even discover it and some that you did not know that, at least based on your success, you might be interested.

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