The Apple Store has Officially Opened in Amsterdam (Pictures)

Apple Store has Officially Opened in Amsterdam

At ten o’clock yesterday morning of Saturday, they opened the doors of the new Apple store in Amsterdam . The Dutch shop finally opens its doors and is in full Apple style: lots of people lined up and a big party for all employees in the first place. We have for all readers iSpazio some photos that testify to the beauty of the new store in Europe.

This new store is ranked as the largest quantity of products on display. In addition to items under the trademark of Apple, the Store features a dedicated line of accessories that can be found exclusively here. Venom and Incase have produced such a line exclusively for the iPhone, as Bowers & Wilkins has developed a version its white headphones P5 affordable for the next 4 weeks, within the Store.

Apple Store in Amsterdam -1

The store is designed to work of art, leaving intact the exterior facade that blends in perfectly with the architecture of the city while carrying within it a great synthesis between the classical lines minimal  and clever use of glass and metal. The beauty of iDevices  exposed with the usual great attention to detail complete the picture.

Apple Store in Amsterdam -2

Apple Store in Amsterdam -3

Another feature of this store is to have the Genius Bar with a well 20 stations that will allow operational and customer service by Apple engineers. The bar turns out to be one of the longest compared to other Apple stores.

Apple Store in Amsterdam -4

Apple Store in Amsterdam -5

The interesting thing is that at the time of opening, the ‘ app  Apple Store has allowed customers to make bookings and payments Dutch easy-pay , also received its first visitors in honor of the t-shirt store this time characterized by the color orange and the word ‘dam  to support the symbol of the bitten apple.

Apple Store in Amsterdam -6

Given these assumptions, I think it will be even better to reach Amsterdam, great city with great cultural and technological now!



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