Disadvantages and Advantages of Removing Start Button On The iPhone

Disadvantages and Advantages of Removing Start Button On The iPhone

It seems unbelievable that a simple invitation, as uninspired as well from the point of view of design, can run rivers of ink with all kinds of conspiracy theories about the supposedly hidden in her tracks by the Judeo-Masonic faction of the company on the block. And there are authentic forensic image analysis seeking to determine whether the iPad 3 will start button or not by determining whether the tablet of the photo is vertical or not, you just have to take a walk through the forums to hallucinate films that mounts each.

We will not try to find out, but instead, we will take the time to something much more interesting as asking the advantages and disadvantages of removing the Start button on the iPad (first, and later by extension the next generation of iPhone and iPod touch), and but for this, you must first review their current roles:

  • Return to the home screen. The main function of this button and that name is taken back to the home screen of IOS at any time without matter where we are or what we are doing. The iPad is possible to do exactly the same using one of the multitasking gestures introduced in IOS 5, specifically pinching with four or five fingers the screen, but will agree with me that first time users will fall before the account of pressing a physical button to make any gesture that probably have not even discovered yet.
  • Show multitasking bar by double-clicking when the iPhone is unlocked to view recently used apps or as a bridge to adjust the brightness, control playback of audio, AirPlay output or print jobs in progress. Can be replaced by the gesture of moving up four or five.
  • Unlock the iPhone. Okay, we can also use the button Sleep / Wake, but admit that the location of the start button makes it our first and most convenient option, at least for those who do not have the Smart Cover cover iPad 2.
  • Go to the search page with one click if we are on the first page of the home screen.Alternatively, more comfortable, simply slide your finger to the right from this screen.

To which we must add these other current equivalent functions without using gesture or any combination of buttons:

  • Go to the home screen. A variation without any equivalent in the form of gesture is to go to the first page of the Home screen skipping the intermediate that can separate us from that.
  • Mostar audio playback controls by double-clicking when the iPhone is locked.
  • Exit the reorganization of icons after holding down an application to remove, re-distribution or drag over another to group them into a folder.
  • Make a screenshot by pressing the start button and the Sleep / Wake. Very useful for those who write in this blog.
  • Force the closure of an app that has been locked holding it for a few seconds to reset the iPhone also keeping the button on / standby.
  • Enter DFU mode (Device Firmware Upgrade) by pressing the activation button for 3 seconds, holding it down also press the start button for 10 seconds and release of activaci’ón until iTunes detects the device in restore mode.
  • Finally, configure the settings of accessibility , the triple click Start to enable or disable fast and simple functions such as VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch, zoom or the “White on black.”

Disadvantages and Advantages of removing the home button:-

Now that we know everything he does, the first and most obvious drawback of eliminating this button is to establish alternative methods to perform all these functions, but another reason may be even more important for Apple to keep this button one way or another : is an emblematic design of their mobile devices and one of the few things that differentiate the iPad sight of much of its competition or a “vulgar” digital photo frame.

By contrast, the main reason to remove it is to substitute an active frame to extend the multi-touch surface of the screen outside it. This will further strengthen the idea that there is no misdirection to hold the iPhone with a possible start button virtual is always located in the bottom (anyone who is determined to be due to the accelerometers and the gyroscope).

Another obvious advantage of this framework is that multi-touch gestures would allow new applications such as closing off the screen by dragging them or acknowledging the pulses or the direction you slide your thumb under to control a game without blocking the image with your fingers.

So the iPhone 3 will or will not start button?

Disadvantages and Advantages of Removing Start Button On The iPhone 1

We’ll find out this Wednesday, but the most sensible bet seems to be no change in this respect as much as we want to squeeze his head turning to the image of the invitation (on the other hand, a very retouched as evidenced by the discrepancy between the depth of field of the icons and fingers).

What do you think? What do you prefer? With or without? And to remove it, what alternatives will occur?



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