Most Popular iPhone Apps Gift From Apple on Christmas

It is “Christmas” day looking on that a part of the globe you’re reading this in.. which means that it is time for a few “paid-for” apps to be offered at an enormous discount on the App Store and by huge discount. we tend to mean 100%! We have chosen 3 apps which might previously have set you back some money, however are currently obtainable for completely nothing. Some are free for a restricted time and one has modified its business model fully.

Most Popular iPhone Apps Gift From Apple on Christmas

The end result’s still an equivalent though, which is 3 nice apps for zero cash. browse on for the lowdown.

WhatsApp Messenger 

WhatsApp Messenger could be a little bit of a legend within the mobile app world, providing a free thanks to sendmessages to your friends and family, farewell as they need the app put in too.

That might seem to be a limiting issue – what if the recipient doesn’t have a phone that’s supported by WhatsApp? Well, given the actual fact WhatsApp is offered for the iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry handsets then the possibilities are your friends will a minimum of provide WhatsApp a strive. At the same old worth of $0.99 it had been value a punt, except for the risk-free worth of free, it is a no brainer.

Download WhatsApp


LogMeIn is roundly accepted to be one in all the simplest remote desktop applications on the earth, and at its previous worth of $30 it had been still thought of one thing of a cut price. At the new low worth of free, then you actually can’t get it wrong.

The reason for the new worth tag could be a amendment in business model, that has left the app being offered for completely nothing with a basic – still lots for many – feature set, with a lot of choices created obtainable via an in-app purchase subscription model. It’s a stimulating move to the freemium model, however if you’ll be able to create do with the free version then you’re onto a winner.

Download LogMeIn

Jetpack Joyride

There is not very that abundant to be said concerning Jetpack Joyride, and that we are willing to bet atiny low add that you just already own this wondrous very little game.

The critically acclaimed game by an equivalent developer as Fruit Ninja has been taking the mobile gaming world by storm these days, and if you are doing not already own this tiny gem then you actually ought to, particularly considering it’s completely free!

Download Jetpack Joyride
Everyone loves free apps, particularly after they are super awesome apps.



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