Here Nokia Maps arrives on iOS

Here Nokia Maps arrives on iOS 1

The late Google Maps , waiting for Big G. it releases the official application on the App Store, has a great replacement in the Cupertino: Here to Nokia , which entered into direct competition with Maps iOS 6. The mapping service of the Finnish company in fact landed on the iDevice with many new features.

More similar to the environment that Symbian iOS , the Nokia maps might not excel in sophisticated graphics, but certainly are great for navigation. In addition to providing up to date points of interest, the approach to mapping minimal make them ideal for quick visit and find your way without too many frills. Perform other words, the functions that Apple seems to have lost along the way: what is the 3D rendering of the buildings , in fact, when the signs of course not correct?

Created from the experience NAVTEQ, the Here Maps offer regular consultation road, navigation, guidance turn-by-turn (apparently only for journeys on foot) and a very useful feature often absent among competitors: The Live Traffic . With this feature, the traffic of some cities in the world is monitored minute by minute, providing data on the transit of major intersections, any traffic jams or accidents. It seems that it is not all gold, however, that glitters. Some users complain about the lack of some basic options – such as trains and bus stops – in cities such as Amsterdam and London, and it seems that the situation in Italy is not much better. It is worth noting, however, how these services will be implemented gradually with use, so it’s just wait a few months.

Other complaints would arrive, instead, for the type of device used. It seems that the version for iPad is much more powerful than that for the iPhone , where the “Delete” button for the search does not seem to work. In addition, the contacts would not be implemented properly: to verify the location of a point of interest taken from the book, in fact, you need to copy-paste first and last name in the search.


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