Nokia CEO Suspected of Spying by Microsoft

Nokia CEO Suspected of Spying by Microsoft 1

Many people believe that Stephen Elop is a spy that Microsoft installed on Nokia seeks to acquire the company.

While the followers of Windows Phone are opening the flag in the abdomen by Windows Phone 8 has been incorporated important features such as support for multi-core chip, support SD card slot or NFC technology, users Lumia back are experiencing feelings like I had been betrayed .

The Lumia smartphones can not upgrade to Windows Phone 8 does not just make users unhappy Lumia, which is like a powerful blow dealt to the ambition to restore its dominance of Nokia.

Launched not long ago, Lumia line of Nokia is gradually creating a positive effect from the user. Alliance Nokia – Microsoft Lumia enough to make users believe that, in future, they will receive much more support from the two “big” is, to improve the experience of the new operating system Windows Phone .

However, things again quickly reversed when Microsoft announced the launch of Windows Phone 8, but does not support upgrades for devices running Windows Mobile 7 now. Although the company had mollified by a move to upgrade the Windows Phone 7.8, most simulate the features of Windows Phone 8, Lumia, users still can not avoid feeling abandoned.

Nokia CEO Suspected of Spying by Microsoft 2

The new smartphones launched Lumia line no longer had to use an operating system “closed” from which the user is not pressing.

The move turned their backs on their own are a user of the taboos with which any manufacturer, especially in the technology village. Worse yet, the action comes from the two “big” world leader in technology, Microsoft and Nokia. So what is the underlying cause of this action?

Analysts said that the action it could be “fools” of Microsoft software magnate main target of their partners are Nokia, to push the company to “muddy” before the official Nokia to acquire cost spent to the maximum.

Of course, Microsoft can not easily do games “faithless” it without the support of an important character, is none other than CEO Stephen Elop from Nokia. These are the analyst Francisco Jeronimo from its well-known market research IDC . Even, he also said if this is true (Microsoft bought Nokia), the period from 6 to 9 months will be the most appropriate time.

Jeronimo also pointed out that the presence of Elop in his capacity as CEO of Nokia only calculated by the day, and if Microsoft does not hurry, they lost the lucrative prey is Nokia.

Even, there have been reports that Microsoft has prepared a decent account, ready to move straight into your account Elop, accompanied by a large number of its shares this software, if Nokia is the acquisition implementation.

There are many reasons to believe in the success of this affair, because Microsoft has begun to set foot in the manufacturing sector of mobile devices, with the release tablet Surface . The next target of the company, according to predictions of the experts, is the smartphone manufacturer. Currently, only Nokia and RIM are both sufficiently reliable partner to Microsoft eyeing, but in terms of both subjective and objective reasons related, it has many advantages if the target user to Nokia.

In addition, the successful acquirer Google Motorola has created favorable conditions for the Microsoft implementation of a similar action, gain ownership of a hardware manufacturer, to obtain a patent number to make huge shield to protect themselves.

Stephan Elop was the first foreigner served as Managing Director (CEO) at Nokia. Prior to the Finnish handset maker, he has had two years at Microsoft, responsible for the development of popular Microsoft Office software.

He was appointed CEO of Nokia from 9/2010. To 2/2011, he decided the death Symbian operating system developed by the company, shaking hands with Microsoft, using Windows Mobile 7 smartphones Lumia and development.


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