Apple – The world’s Most Innovative Company


After won the title of the world’s most innovative companies in the last year, this year Apple did not just keep his title but also further widen the gap to the other companies behind them closer and strengthen ‘s number one throne.

According to the research results of the survey company Booz on the list of 1000 global most innovative companies, Apple has spent $ 2.4 billion for operating costs of their research and development. Compared with them, both Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia and even Google have spent more than the amount invested in this array.

Even the investment casting of Apple ranked 53 in the world but it has 70 percent of the respondents in the survey were selected Apple when asked about the company with innovation and new ideas. Google ranked second with 43 percent of people who voted.

When observed more thorough financial, technology continues to lead compared to other industries in terms of investment in research and product development. In particular, Microsoft along with Samsung has aggressively spent 9 billion dollars to expand the scale of its technology. Both companies respectively ranked No. 5 and No. 6 on the charts, No. 1 are belong to Toyota of Japan with 9.9 billion dollars.

Apple - The world's Most Innovative Company 1

Although these data are summarized in about 2011 but it reflects quite exactly what we envisioned for companies all over the world today.


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