Apple to Give up the Intel or Affect the Entire PC Industry

Apple Opens a FAQ Section for all Products

According to foreign media reports, Zhou Erzhuan, American financial website MarketWatch columnist Therese Bole Di (Therese Poletti) text said, if Apple really abandoned the Mac Intel processors will inevitably lead to other PC makers to follow suit, which will allow the PC processor market has undergone earth-shaking changes. The following is a summary of the article:

If Apple really abandon the Intel processor as its Mac product line provider of PC processor it is not  good news for  giant Intel, because Apple’s move indicates that the PC industry will be dramatic changes.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg News first reported that Apple is considering using other processors to replace Intel processors currently used in the Mac product line. Since 2005, Apple began using Intel processors in the Mac. Bloomberg’s report also pointed out that even Apple in the Mac product line to replace the Intel processors, this situation also needs to take place in 2017. Replace the Intel processor in the Mac product line, Apple may be developing its own ARM architecture processor and manufacturer TSMC foundry for the production of processors.

Market analysts said, this story did not surprised, because over the past few months a similar rumour has already surfaced. However, it is worth noting that if Apple really began for Mac designed processor and other PC makers will follow suit. Affected by this news, Intel shares have been a decline in the market.

Gus Richard, an analyst at investment bank Piper Jaffray (Gus Richard) said this,

“We believe that Apple is the pioneer of this movement. If Apple like Microsoft to support the ARM architecture PC products, we will not surprised we do not think Apple’s approach would Intel have a positive impact. “

Up to now, Intel, Apple and ARM spokesman did not say whether this story.

For Apple, this will be a very big move, because the replacement processor is the core of the entire PC hardware replacement processor is much more than just replacing a chip, or change a supplier so simple.Apple must rewrite of the Mac operating system, to enable them to run on the ARM architecture processor.This is like when Apple abandoned the PowerPC processor in favour of Intel processors.

Apple’s recent management shake, and discussions to strengthen collaboration on the hardware and software sectors, also played a role in fueling the rumors. Perhaps too conservative analyst Richard review the message does not have a positive impact to Intel, smart phones and tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular, and the entire PC industry is in recession.

??At present, more and more companies began to self-developed software and mobile devices. Whether Amazon, Google or Microsoft, currently are trying to control the consumer experience, and swept them all development business. When Microsoft announced that the independent design Surface Tablet PC, which has marked the Wintel alliance between the Company and Intel appear a rift. Microsoft has launched the first generation of Surface – Surface RT, configure the ARM architecture processor. However, the next generation of Surface, will be using Intel processors.

Linley Group senior analyst Kevin Klein Will (Kevin Krewell) said that the news about Apple will abandoned Intel processor already appeared. He said in an e-mail, “a new generation of 64-bit ARM processor listed in 2014, when the product is adequate for the workload of the PC.” Klein Will added, he sent a letter to use Surface Tablet PC e-mail, it works quite well. “Surface configuration the the production by Nivida ARM architecture Tegra 3 processor.

As companies try to control all aspects of the system as a whole tablet PCs and smart phones – from the operating system to the application store, to the entire hardware – they may eventually want to control all aspects of the product development. This is very different from the practice of the PC industry. PC industry, companies tend to buy standard accessories, and then they complete the assembly. In addition to the design of the fuselage, a few of Innovation and Technology at all.

??ARM design permitted enterprises in product development can be customized processors. Apple’s iPhone and iPad tablet computer on the ARM architecture processor. But Intel processors by the company’s own design and production, enterprises are currently only able to purchase the standard Intel processor.Analyst Richard pointed out, the results of one of the era of

“post-PC era, and system-on-chip (system-on-a-chip) is a transfer from buy chips to the self-developed chips.”

However, an analyst with market research firm Gartner of Se Jisi · Mu Xieer (Sergis Mushell) do not believe that Apple will be the entire Mac product line to the ARM architecture processor. Muxie Er said, “I do not think there will be a vendor to terminate the entire product line, just in order to produce their own processors only be meaningful when Apple will be configured on the Mac ARM architecture processor. Entire PC whether the industry will embrace the ARM architecture processor, the analysts believe that, depending on the ARM architecture processor can be compatible with the Windows operating system.

Mu Xieer ARM architecture processors and Intel processors can not yet be compared. He also stressed that recently there have been reports that the ARM architecture processor will appear in the “micro server” which, instead of traditional server. He said,

“ARM architecture processor power up to less than the x86 architecture processor power.”

Intel, the company has also been trying to enter the lower power consumption of the Tablet PC and smart phone processor market, but the company’s revenue mainly from the PC and server revenue.

Of course, if Apple eventually began to develop its own processor and triggered other manufacturers to emulate, has a huge factory as the world’s largest chip maker and a handful of enterprises, Intel is bound to re-think from the huge manufacturing costs. If this situation does occur, Richard Intel was forced to enter the OEM market forecast is not so far-fetched.


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