Apple is Considering Switching from Intel Processors to ARM

Intel Also Preparing for Smartphone, Appear in 2012

Apple engineers were confident that the currently used in the iPad and iPhone’s chip designs are based on the ARM architecture someday be powerful enough to be used in desktops and laptops, reports Bloomberg . Until then, are likely to pass but a few more years. According to the report there is a change from Intel to ARM processors for 2017 for discussion, nothing is decided yet.

Supposedly Apple CEO Tim Cook will offer customers a consistent user experience on laptops, phones, tablets and TVs, and that would be easier if all platforms based on the same chip architecture, reported one of the three unnamed persons Bloomberg.

Only in 2006, Apple switched from PowerPC processors to Intel CPUs . Responsible for the successful exchange of the chip architecture at that time was Tim Cook, who negotiated the agreements with Intel. However, Apple has acquired in recent years and is working on several chip developer ARM-based chips. Apple sets initially on chip designs from ARM, is in the current iPhone 5 and the iPad 4, a chip that Apple has designed based on the ARM architecture itself.

Bloomberg also points out that was to remodel the Apple management established under the release of iOS chief Scott Forstall, a new technology group, led by Bob Mansfield, who will be devoted to the chip development and according to Apple,“ambitious plans for the future has “ .

A switch from Intel to ARM chips could give Apple the opportunity to build even smaller and more compact devices with long battery life, ARM chips are valid but as energy efficient. And while Intel so far with limited success trying to make its chips more efficiently to the smartphone and tablet sector catch, ARM is working on more powerful chip designs that are increasingly common in servers, laptops and desktops used. The new Chromebook from Samsung with Google’s operating system ChromeOS for example, uses an ARM CPU.

2011, there were already rumors that Apple will introduce a MacBook Air with an ARM processor.


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