Nokia Started Developing 3D-Navigation NAVTEQ True

Nokia Started Developing 3D-Navigation NAVTEQ True 2

In response to the popular three-dimensional maps of the Apple service and Google Street View, Nokia started to develop their own project called NAVTEQ True service is intended to complement the existing relevant functional mapping service of the Finnish company.

Engineers Nokia, as well as in Google Street View, began to build a three-dimensional maps, based on the real street shooting, but not using the panoramic photos, and full 3D-graphics obtained by laser scanning (laser radar). Such a system allows to obtain high resolution images – the fact that the radar sensors capture 1.3 million pixels per second.

New project engineers said that one day the system is able to collect 12 million digital images, 2 million in panorama, 1000000000000 points on a laser radar and 65 trillion color pixels, from which the full 3D-mapping images.

Development of a full 3D-navigation, Nokia has proven that it is still a world leader in the field of cartography.

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