MIT is Working on a Smartphone with Screen as Iron Man

telephone 1At MIT have always loved to surprise us with amazing technologies. This time do it with a completely transparent, capable of passing light display, and modify it only in specific places to have amazing effects.

Science fiction has always been wonderful technological breakthroughs showing hardly applicable to the real world.However, sometimes movies, books and games end up serving as crystal balls to predict what exact location being routed technological advances, or at least where you have to do it eventually.

Particularly movies Marvell universe are quite saturated with amazing gadgets that do things that ordinary mortals could hardly imagine, and only the creative geniuses of science fiction can be projected. That is the special case of Iron Man, aka Tony Stark , who lives in a smart home where pieces of advanced and futuristic technology are scattered everywhere you look.

One of Stark’s gadgets that are most appealing to people is their smartphone. And is that beyond the fact of having an operating system that seems quite complicated to use at first glance (and connected at all times with her ??super computer JARVIS), the attraction of the phone is that it is a piece entirely transparent , basically all screen, for which light can pass through smoothly and without finding circuits, chips, or other pieces of hardware.You can see on this Link.

At MIT have finally managed to create something very similar to this. This is a completely translucent screen, we see that while not mounted on a smartphone soon, it could be quite successful in smart windscreen . It basically works by nanoparticles that modify the light passing through the glass , so we can see amazing colors, as seen in the video that accompanies this post.

For now they are still working on the technology, and there are many improvements to be done, as the discovery of nanoparticles to reflect various colors , not just blue. From here we wish you the best of success making our science fiction fantasies a reality.


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