MIT is Developing Software to Address Social Anxiety [Video]

MIT-Developing-Software-Address-Social-AnxietyThousands of people around us have an intense phobia when asked to speak in front of people or even have difficulty in social interaction with others.

Addressing them just the people, the M. Ehsan Hoque the MIT Lab has developed a complex system called MACH (My Automated Conversation coacH) that using algorithms speech recognition and recognition of facial expressions helps the user to deal with social anxiety.This softwear could help people to improve their conversational and interview skills.

As he speaks (or preparing for a presentation / interview for a job) specific avatar monitor and record eye movements, facial expressions and tone of voice and accordingly update every time you lose eye contact, turns his eyes elsewhere or showing other communication problems.

The MACH requires no special equipment, only a webcam and a microphone. At the end informs the user’s performance, helping to eliminate significant anxiety and phobias and to improve the social interactions. See it in action in the following video:


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