Nanoparticles Help to Cope with Multiple Sclerosis Without Affecting Immunity

Nanoparticles Help to Cope with Multiple Sclerosis Without Affecting Immunity 1

Biodegradable nanoparticles are excellent transporter of antigen able to stop relapsing multiple sclerosis. They literally deceive the immune system, causing it to stop the attack on myelin – a shell of nerve fibers – and quietly delivering antigen to the target.

The experiments were conducted in mice and also showed that new nanotechnology can similarly be applied to the treatment of other immune diseases – diabetes type 1, food allergies and respiratory allergies.

In multiple sclerosis, the immune system will attack the shell membrane, insulating nerve cells of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. When the insulation is destroyed, electrical signals can no longer be transmitted efficiently, causing symptoms from mild numbness to complete blindness.

Modern methods of treatment suppresses the entire immune system as a whole which makes a person more susceptible to other infections and increases the level of cancer. Instead, the new method of treatment of nanotechnology immune system continues to function normally. It just stops to consider myelin alien invader and stops the attack.

“This is a significant breakthrough in modern immunotherapy – said co-author, Stephen Miller and Judy Guggenheim from Northwestern University. – The power of this new technology may occur in the treatment of many immune diseases. Simply change the antigen. Our approach leaves the immune system unchanged, narrowcasting struggling with the disease. “

The nanoparticles used in the present method, were developed by Professor of Chemical Engineering Lonnie Shea of ??North Zapadnogy School of Engineering and Applied Science McCormick. They are easy to manufacture and have passed quality control of drugs.

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