For Jailbreakers, First Worldwide Convention will Start in This September

For Jailbreakers, First Worldwide Convention will Start in This SeptemberYes,it is right a new technology event focused on jailbroken devices will be born within a few months. Be called Jailbreak Worldwide Conference (or WWJC not be confused with the event WWDC Apple‘s official developer). Be held in San Francisco, and intended as an annual powerhouse gathering where all activities related to skip blockades on your Apple iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

In the first edition, which will be open from September 29 , we will share Cydia creator Jay Freeman and one of its most important developer Ryan Petrich. Many of those responsible for the most popular tools for implementing jailbreaks will be present, and although the event’s agenda is not published are expected to have interesting talks and lectures.

I do not think Apple will do much grace to premiere an entire event dedicated to jailbreak their devices (although I suppose there will be room for breakouts on other platforms), especially when it has often warned users about the risks and void the warranty . But this is inevitable when a lock someone will get over it, for whatever reason. The event’s full schedule have yet to be announced.

Via: Cult of Mac
Site: WWJC


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