Apple is Working on Two Processors Named A6 and A5X

Apple is working on two processors and A6 A5XWith the introduction of the iPad 3 to a few days away is the type of technology has not yet settled on one thing: what will the processor device.

Some argue that the iPad 3 will have four processor cores A6 and a few others mentioned the possibility of dual core processor like the one found in the original iPad a few days ago.

New findings in the code of iOS 5.1 beta brings to light two references to processors that have not yet released: S5L8945X and S5L8950X. The original used the iPad A4 processor code S5L8930X iPad 2 and used the A5 processor code S5L8940X. So one would have upgraded A5 S5L8945X password and a password A6 quad S5L8950X.

Practically, this probably means that Apple is working simultaneously on the two processors in the dark again leaving assumptions about which of the two processors will come to the iPad 3. For example, there is a possibility of the two processors to come up with some other device like Apple TV or the upcoming iPhone.

The iPad 3 is expected to have high resolution Retina display, faster processor with upgraded graphics and camera. The presentation of the iPad 3 will reportedly take place in a special event on March 7.

Via 9to5Mac


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