She Has A Video About 9.7 Inches iPad3 Retinal Display

iFixit Shows us A Video About iPad3  9.7 Inches Retinal Display

iPad3 Presentation Event 7th March 2012 – Latest Keynote News and Pictures

Many of you are waiting out the iPad 3 if only to see it. I really feel like I have to know what is the screen resolution, and if it is confirmed that you will have a much higher resolution than the previous two generations. In recent days Internet has become a hotbed of filtered parts, information and photos.What most strikes me is that this time the pictures are neither blurred nor are blurred. She Has A Video About 9.7 Inches iPad3 Retinal Display 1

A party that has appeared is a 9.7 inch screen that could well be the screen of the iPhone 3. The same resolution is 2048 × 1536 pixels , ie, four times more pixels than the screens of the iPhone we know.The other day I thought it would be nice to see that screen in operation and whether it would be possible to connect it to see how it works. IFixit raised in the same, but when connecting the iPhone have the connector has the same number of pins or the same way, and made this video report on the alleged display of the new Apple tablet .

You can see more details on this screen and its comparison with the iPhone screen. The truth is that with the way it looks, it may well be a part and parcel of a team of Apple. Relax, we only have a few days to see if it’s the truth. Of course with the resolution itself that Apple could call it “Retina” , since the distance of typical use of a tablet would manage to distinguish the pixels.

Via:  MacRumors | YouTube


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