Intel Prepares “Rival Siri” Without Cloud Connection

jarvis-intelJarvis Intel is working on a voice assistant that does not require a permanent internet connection for all your tasks. The project is strongly related to Quark’s initiative to make Intel processors aimed at small size wearables .

Siri and Google Call Now an unfulfilled promise perhaps exaggerating a bit, but what is certain is that they stay away from that geek futurism that would allow us to talk to our devices to David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider . Speech recognition has long ceased to be a problem and limitations rather fall side processing power, it is necessary to compress the voice, send it to a server in the cloud, interpret it and send it back. Simply put: require a permanent internet connection.

But Intel, after arriving relatively late to the mobile industry is entering a knife in the field of wearablesprojects as Quark or Edison wants to fix that problem. As reported by Mike Bell , head of wearableswithin the company in an interview with Quartz are working on a prototype that takes a processor capable of handling all the burden of interpreting voice commands and deliver results that do not depend on a connection to Internet (such as call someone in the phonebook or open an application) instantly. The name of the prototype could not be more suggestive: Jarvis , as the effective assistant Iron Man

Allow conversations without delay of 1 to 2 seconds, as is currently

The connection to the cloud also has some drawbacks extras involved. As Bell points out, the current model implies that at least there is a delay of 1 to 2 seconds between formulated and the response is received . Human communication is just the opposite, that the integration of an artificial assistant naturally occurring response that period must be at least equal to that of a human.

Clearly it is not a question of all or nothing, ie it ideal for a system of voice recognition is working connected to the Internet and can perform tasks such as booking a table at a restaurant or find out the schedule of a movie at the cinema that are impossible without a connection to be made. Google is already working on an offline mode for Google Now that promises a lot but it seems that still make you wait.

It is still early to predict the future integration of Jarvis. Chances are that we see installed in smartphones but why not dream, has an undoubted future operating systems installed in cars, glasses, watches and wearables or even robots .


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