Intel May Terminate Interchangeable Processors in 2014

Intel May Terminate Interchangeable Processors in 2014 1

According to Foreign Media Reports, Intel is preparing to bring in 2014 a revolution in the world of processors. For decades, the processors were provided with systems to change more or less easily on motherboards.

This requires systems socket, a connector to which the processor is plugged Gently. Gradually, processor manufacturers have changed more frequently used connectors, for technical reasons but also to encourage customers to renew their computers more frequently. On laptops, things have been more radical. To win in place, the processors have more often been welded to the motherboard until it becomes routine.

Haswell, the next generation of intel, still bear this type of processors interchangeable on the desktop versions, but now it seems that Intel wants to go all welded onto the next generation Broadwell. Thus, updates to processors become impossible all computers except maybe the servers.

In a way you can understand. With Broadwell, Intel will integrate more things into the processor which is the only really smart chip on a motherboard. Simplify the weld thus making these cards and reduce their cost. But it will be a headache for computer manufacturers.

This will of course a big blow, certainly the ultimate for manufacturers PC motherboards, which can no longer sell to the general public boards on which people can choose to install the processor. This is a whole new market that will disappear and it is likely enough he soon no longer be possible to assemble today as A to Z home PC.

There will, of course a risk to service, but it will be minimal, processors are certainly the most reliable components of a computer, at least outside overclocks very sophisticated. However, the cost of this service will increase as any failure on a motherboard involve the repair or recover its processor, which will be economically costly. 

Finally, we can assume that this can not change the processor to Intel promote the sale of high-end chips more expensive. Customers know they can not change models prefer to invest in more swift to extend the life of their machine, we will no longer be updated.


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