Google Hangouts for iOS Arrives in the App Store

Google-HangoutGoogle just announced at Google I / O, its developer conference, which is their commitment to the market for messaging applications in a move similar to BlackBerry with the announcement of Blackberry Messenger for iOS . Thus, Google Hangouts to iOS platform reaches the apple as cross-platform messaging application and completely separated from the implementation of Google+.

In a totally unexpected move, Google has announced Google Hangouts to iOS. Although previously was integrated into Google’s social network, Google+, is now shown as a separate application and completely refurbished available for major platforms: on the desktop via the Web, Android replacing Gtalk, and with your own application for iOS.

Google Hangouts for iOS now available in the App Store free of charge as a universal application, requiring a Google account to use the application and a device with iOS 6.1 or higher.

Thus, regardless of the platform you use, you can use Google Hangouts to send text messages , including multimedia content such as photos, videos or emojis, and make video calls with our up to 10 of your contacts using the information in our Google account with with the following features:

  • Watch and follow our Hangouts on multiple devices.
  • Receive notification once. After seeing an alert will be dropped for the other devices.
  • Postponing the notifications if you prefer to respond later.
  • Check the old conversations, including photo sharing and video calls history.
  • Keep a record of any Hangout only for a short time by clearing the history.
  • Display shared photo collections from each of the Hangouts.

Although late in this case, it seems that all companies want to earn their place in the messaging market, boosting, each of them, the most important features as the flag of their applications . In this case, google is strongly committed to openness and multiplatform capabilities with video calls among multiple users as power-feature .

Honestly, the arrival of Google Hangouts to iOS is a great news because if it works as well as it does on the web so far, will force Apple to improve its service iMessage and Facetime , which more than one user would appreciate.


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